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Card Services

As we move into a cashless society, the need for supplying and processing plastic payments is increasing. Our card services allow you to handle funds more securely, keep an electronic record of payments and provide new ways to attract customers.


Employee Card Spend

A convenient and secure way to pay for business expenses. Cards can be set with customized limits to restrict where the card is utilized. Complimentary expense reporting solution is offered that allows cardholders to code their expenses and upload receipts through mobile application. Online program management with real-time updates allows companies to change credit limits, close cards and monitor transactions.


Purchasing Spend

A simple way for an organization to provide Accounts Payable or Department Heads with a convenient tool to purchase goods and services. The traditional purchasing card has a fixed credit limit and can be either a physical plastic card or a virtual account.


Virtual Card Account

An electronic card generally used to keep card information on file with a vendor to charge one time or recurring expenses. Virtual Cards can be set up in with a general department name or with a specific vendor name.


Electronic Accounts Payable

Virtual accounts used to pay for goods and services after an invoice has been received. Single-use accounts are provided electronically to pay your vendors with a dynamic credit limit to only allow for the authorized amount to be taken by the vendor. EAP integrates with a simple payment file from your Accounting System and allows you to keep all the same internal controls but shift the payment from costly checks to electronic card account.

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