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How FB&T Protects You

Protections provided by FirstBank & Trust relative to Electronic Funds Transfer under Reg E

  • Username/Password authentication
  • Complex password requirements 
  • Geolocation and IP address matching
  • Challenge questions
  • 5 tries and account lockout
  • Password reset only by bank personnel
  • IP address-restricted admin portal access for Internet Banking suite
  • Dual approval by customer for ACH batches
  • Individual User batch limits/daily limits
  • Bank-controlled aggregated customer batch limits/daily limits
  • Bank personnel review Irregular Activity Reports daily
  • Transactional and account maintenance alert
  • Outgoing International ACH Transactions (IAT) block
  • Positive Pay capability through Internet Banking
  • Transaction monitoring/anomaly detection system
  • Customer Awareness and Education Program (S.A.F.E.)
  • SSL certificates on Internet Banking sites

Protections not provided relative to Electronic Funds Transfer under Reg E

  • Watermarks
  • Tokens
  • Out of Band authentication techniques
  • Biometric-based responses
  • Out of Wallet authentication questions
  • Keystroke dynamics

Applicability of Reg E to the types of accounts with Internet access

  • All account types are accessible via Internet Banking. Therefore, all accounts have the same risks, protections, etc., regarding Reg E when accessing account information electronically.


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